Recommended Resources

My overall purpose in this website is not to teach you how to do deliverance and inner healing step by step. Rather it is to teach, inspire, and encourage you to do deliverance and inner healing for the children in your care. You can do it, and every Bible-believing parent/guardian of a child needs to do it. Some of these resources are more geared toward teaching you how to do these things, so I present them as helps to those who want more of the "how to's." There are also resources listed here that you can use to help you along your parenting and personal healing journey.


1) These are my recommendations because I have found some success using these techniques, and that as far as I understand them, they are based on Scripture. None of my recommendations should be taken as an 100% endorsement of everything the authors say or believe. Rather it’s that I believe the authors have received some wisdom from the Holy Spirit which we can benefit from.

2) Some of these books/ministries can give the reader the impression that deliverance for your children is complicated and requires much experience, study, and/or figuring out possible spiritual issues yourself. This is a sentiment that I disagree with. I believe that's the Holy Spirit's job, not ours. He will show us what we need to know. Nevertheless, I believe there is value that can be gleaned from these resources.

3) This list isn’t all inclusive. There are many more great resources out there. I have found the Holy Spirit to be faithful in teaching me and leading me. If I want some additional help about a specific issue, Holy Spirit always finds a way to get the resources to me. Whether it’s by someone telling me of a resource they’ve discovered, or Him directly speaking to me in a dream, vision, or highlighting a particular section of Scripture, etc. He will guide you into all Truth (John 16:13).

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Deliverance for Children” by Frank Hammond. This was one of the first books in modern history written on deliverance specifically for children. Many wonderful testimonies.

“The Secrets to Deliverance”, by Alexander Pagani. Subtitle, “Defeat the toughest cases of demonic bondage.” He illuminates Scriptures (especially Ezekiel) and how we can use them in praying for deliverance for people.

"Regions of Captivity”, by Dr. Ana Mendez-Ferrell (also has videos available on YouTube). This book is available for free on Amazon Kindle (which is also free if you have an Amazon membership). Very in-depth descriptions of the various regions of captivity and some examples of her teams’ experiences of setting captives free under the direction of Holy Spirit.

"Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps”, by Praying Medic. (.99 on Amazon Kindle). Booklet describing some simple and effective steps to getting free from painful emotions/memories. He also has many videos available for free online ( There is also a Praying Medic channel on Telegram.

Sapphire Leadership Group Arthur Burk. Teaching on Blessing the Brain (among other things). There are freebies available on the website, including Blessing Your Spirit: Precious Daughter. You can also subscribe to the Sapphire Blessing App for $4/month to receive many teachings in video, audio, and article formats. Ministry for families experiencing trauma and its aftermath. Wonderful and encouraging father/daughter testimony about deliverance:

Vlad Savchuk. Many great videos on deliverance and inner healing available for free on YouTube.

Christian Healing Ministries ( They are not offering online prayer appointments at this time, but do still offer free in-person appointments (in Florida). If you are interested in more intensely pursuing understanding inner healing and deliverance, they offer excellent online training.

Orbis Ministries (Ken Fish) They offer many on-line classes on inner healing, healing, deliverance, spiritual warfare etc. They also offer 1 hr online personal ministry appointments for adults (only).

Trauma Prayer Jim & Pat Banks ( - videos available on You Tube (wonderful “soaking” videos).

Graham Cooke - Many videos available on YouTube as well. Search on topic of your interest (I find the Keys to the Kingdom teachings very helpful).

Dr. Monroe Myles - Teaching on Keys to the Kingdom (YouTube videos)

Dutch Sheets - In addition to his many wonderful books on intercession and ministry, here is a video I find very inspiring and insightful:

#Don't Mess with Our Kids - Christian organization that lobbies governments (currently lobbying state government) for protections for our kids, especially from over-sexualization.